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Playing With The Pros

After school music programs in New Orleans are designed to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble. Similarly, the Jazz Crawlers program will offer children from low-income households an opportunity to engage in a fun and rewarding extra-curricular activity.

A New Orleans style Second Line parade that strolls down Main Street in your home town is quite the spectacle. The Jazz Crawlers program will provide a memorable experience for the kids that lead the parade. It also gives the students the opportunity to play alongside professional artists on the stage and in the parade.

The Fairview Baptist Church Brass Band of New Orleans changed the course of brass music in 1970 by giving a younger generation the instruments, tutelage, and stage to perform. Similarly, the historic Jenkins Orphanage of Charleston, SC yielded decorated professional musicians by giving orphans instruments and lessons and allowing them to perform on the street. The orphaned African American brass band also spawned the cultural dance known as ‘The Charleston’. We’re just getting started with the NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation, but these are honorable footsteps to follow.


Strutting Their Stuff

There is no wrong way to dance at a second-line, but there is a right way. ‘Second-Lining‘ can be best described as a strutting, skipping, fancy footwork. When slowed down the heel-to-toe steps are fairly easy to pick up, but when you add the tempo of the parade they are harder to sustain. The heat and humidity of New Orleans along with the rapidly successive steps make second-lining an exhausting exercise. Second-line dancers have tricks for taking breaks while continuing their swagger, but the best ones keep the footwork going.

We are looking for local instructors to learn the second-line footwork steps to implement into their dance lesson programming along with a few lectures about the Social Aid & Pleasure Club culture. The instructors and students will have the opportunity to lead the second-line parade as Jazz Crawl Parade Marshals.

It could be argued that dancing is one of the best ways to get the most out of life. Nobody wants to look back and remember being the ‘wall flower’ at school dances. The Baby Steppers program teaches kids structured commitment, and the limelight of leading the second-line downtown with the Parade Marshals  is a confidence building experience. It is also great exercise and develops heightened coordination and reflexes.


The Gift Of Music

The New Orleans Second Line tradition originated as a celebration of life at a Jazz Funeral and the Jazz Crawl for Charity was established as a tribute to Aunt Patty. This correlation is highlighted by the memorial donation options that honor the name and memory of loved ones Jazz Crawl Second Line Tributes and Engraved Brass Tributes.

The NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation works with local educators to identify aspiring students from low-income households. A lot of times these ambitious kids use their music as an escape from difficult times. The instrument donations allow the students to own their own horn or drum instead of borrowing or renting from school.

Every instrument is donated in loving memory of someone and engraved with their name along with a new serial number to identify the donation and tribute online. The branded serial number and domain also helps keep the memorial instruments in circulation if necessary. In some cases the donor can be notified of student accomplishments or public performances.

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