Save $10 for assembling or joining a Parade Krewe! Experience this one-of-a kind bonding experience with your family, friends, colleagues, and teammates!


The event starts with a private party that showcases the history of New Orleans music through interactive performances and cultural demonstrations. NOLA inspired cuisine, cocktails, and art are showcased as everyone gets in the festive mood with costume contests and a “Royal Coronation”.

  • “Lagniappe Tokens”: $5 tokens (Mardi Gras doubloons) are used to purchase food, drinks, and other items at the party.

Parading in festive regalia is a favorite past-time of New Orleans. Assemble or join a Krewe of 6 or more and help vitalize the parade with matching attire, colors, or a costume theme. It’s a great bonding experience to share with your social circles!

  • Krewe Offers: Discounts, freebies, and other perks are offered based on the size of your krewe.
  • Krewe Themes: Designate a distinctive attire, color scheme, or costume theme for your krewe to follow.

Crowning ‘Royalty’ for parades is a common tradition in New Orleans and a high honor among Mardi Gras Krewes and the neighborhood Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs. The Jazz Crawl follows this tradition by randomly electing a King, Queen, Dukes, and Maids to lead the annual parade with the band.

  • How to Enter: Wear purple!
  • Random Drawing: The best dressed men and women wearing purple will be given a rose or doubloon with a concealed marking. After an announcement everyone unwraps their item to reveal the “Royal Court of the Krewe”.

Parade accessories are imported from the same local New Orleans businesses that supply the Mardi Gras Krewes. We also offer handmade parasols that can be custom ordered with colors and graphics for larger groups.

  • Parade Items: Specialty beads, feather boas, parade hats, parasols, and Mardi Gras Masks.
  • Online Purchasing: You can purchase parade items online at a discount and also request certain colors.
  • Promo Code Items: Some “Super-Krewes” will be offering branded parade SWAG and accessories for people that join their krewe.

We offer “Memorial Tribute” options to recognize the New Orleans second-line parade’s origination as a celebration of life at “Jazz Funerals”. It’s a great way to highlight the tradition’s history so that people leave the Jazz Crawl knowing more about the energetic brass parades they see on the streets of New Orleans or weddings across the country. 

  • $25 Parade Tribute: The tribute will recognize the name, life-span, and a photo of the deceased at the event, online, and in the parade with “Memorial Carnations” given out to onlookers.
  • $100 Brass Tribute: Each instrument donation we make is presented in memory of a loved one with their name engraved in the brass and a commemorative certificate.
  • Instrument Donations:We will find a home for any instruments in working condition. Donors are given the option for a “Parade Tribute”.

*Crowdfunding Campaign Launches in September







There is no official dress code, but we encourage people to get in the Carnival spirit and participate in some of our festive costume contests.

  • Wear ‘Royal Purple’
    • To be eligible for ‘Royal Crowning’ contest.
  • Wear Vibrant Colors
    • To bring the parade to life.
  • Dress as a Group
    • Contest for best theme.
    • Contest for color coordination.
    • Contest for most vibrant.
  • Choose a Character
    • Dress up like someone!

Due to the capacity of the Gibbes Museum Garden, there is a limited amount of tickets available for the event. If the Carnival Party doesn’t sell out, tickets will be available at the door. The prices will be determined by supply.

A reward for joining the parade Krewe early! Early Bird ticket prices start at $25, and they will include extra perks and giveaways. The current ‘Early Bird’ sales period runs from Tuesday 2/19 – Wednesday 3/6, the day after Mardi Gras (Ash Wednesday).  

We import Carnival items from the same local New Orleans businesses used by Mardi Gras parade Krewes. We also have handmade parasols that can be custom ordered with colors and graphics.

  • Carnival Items
    • Redeemable with $5 Lagniappe Token.
    • Specialty beads, feather boas, parade hats, masquerade masks, and parasols.
  • Color Requests
    • Most of the SWAG will be purple and gold, but you can request colors for a group.
    • Send an email to krewe@jazzcrawl.com.
  • Parade Parasols
    • Parasols will be available at the event and online for pick-up purchases.
    • Custom branded parasols are available for group orders.

A portion of event proceeds and 100% of all GoFundMe donations go into the Jazz Crawl Second-Line Fund, which puts instruments in the hands of aspiring music students and supports the participation of New Orleans artists, youth groups, and cultural ambassadors at the Jazz Crawl.

Donations of $25+ made to the GoFundMe campaign are eligible for tax-deduction. A 501(c)3 tax-exemption receipt is available by e-mail request.

You can help us spread the #SecondLineMagic in a number of different ways!

  • Make a Memorial Donation
    • $25 Second-Line Tribute – Parade Commemoration
    • $100 First-Line Tribute – Parade Commemoration + Instrument Engraving
    • We use GoFundMe to process our donations and tribute submissions.
  •  Donate an Instrument
    • We will find a good home for any instruments in working condition.
    • If it’s brass we’ll even show you pictures of the thankful recipient!
  • Join the Krewe!
    • Follow us and share our content on social media.
    • Introduce us to potential sponsors, artists, educators, or influential figures.
    • Volunteer to help with promotional events – trust us, you’ll have fun!

Upon arrival you will have the option of buying ‘Lagniappe Tokens’ for $5 each. The tokens will get you a variety of food, drinks, and promotional items. There will also be a showcase of local visual artists and fashion designers selling items to help raise money for the Second-Line Fund.

In Southern Louisiana, ‘Lagniappe’ /ˌlanˈyap/ is an unexpected small gift or bonus given to a customer as a compliment for their loyalty. It’s widely used in New Orleans to describe “a little something extra”.  The sale of Lagniappe Tokens (Mardi Gras Doubloons) at the Jazz Crawl work like tickets you get at a county fair. You can use them for food, drink, parade items, and more.

Yes, we will have the ‘Square’ app, so ‘Lagniappe Tokens’ (food/drink tickets) can be purchased with cash or credit card. Memorial tribute donations are made through our GoFundMe campaign site online. There may be additional vendors at the event accepting payments their own way.

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