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Supporting Arts and Culture

In Memory of Loved Ones

Nominate Your City

The Spirit Of New Orleans

The new cities we bring the Jazz Crawl to will depend on the support from city officials, artists, sponsors, and educators.
Nominate Your City


Fostering Creativity and Leadership

The second-line band curriculum and culture will be shared with instructors and schools across the country to organize and prepare youth brass bands for the unique opportunity to experience a big stage and lead the Jazz Crawl alongside the pros and youth brass bands of New Orleans.

A highlight of a second-line parade is the improvised dancing and quick stepping to the band’s rhythm. Starting with the kids of New Orleans, lessons on the traditional footwork will be shared with instructors so they can teach their students to ‘show out’ at the Jazz Crawl and soak up the downtown limelight.

A primary catalyst for expanding the Jazz Crawl into new cities nationwide will be the establishment of internships and leadership clubs with partnering colleges. The event creates a wide range of opportunity to gain hands-on experience in leadership, fundraising, digital media, branding, and public relations. It’s also a unique and rewarding experience to be a critical part of the ‘Krewe’!


Their Memory Lives On Through The Music

The second-line tradition originated as a celebration of life at Jazz Funerals and the Jazz Crawl for Charity was originally established as a tribute to a dearly missed friend that loved introducing people to New Orleans culture. This correlation is highlighted by commemorating the names and memories of loved ones with each donation.

We donate instruments to students and schools in need. Each instrument is presented in memory of someone and engraved with the loved one’s name and a serial number. The serial numbers help keep the instruments in active circulation with the potential for updates on an individual recipient’s musical career.

Scholarship funds can also be established in memory of loved ones. The financial aid can range from allowing students from low-income households to participate in the Jazz Crawler program to higher educational support for exceptional Jazz Crawlers via New Orleans jazz camps or colleges.


Preserving And Sharing Artistic Culture

The widespread stigmatism of Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras in relation to alcohol abuse has a tendency to overshadow the true beauty of New Orleans. The Jazz Crawl refocuses national attention on the artistic culture and festive traditions that make it such a magical place to visit. It is also a vehicle for the inner city kids of New Orleans to explore new cities and cultures.

The events and educational programs help preserve the art of jazz and second-line culture by taking younger generations beyond the textbooks and lessons. It physically engages them in the traditions, celebrations, and artistic culture that helped spawned American music.

The exposure and popularity of the Jazz Crawl helps support local arts. A portion of our fundraising campaigns are designated for specific needs of partnering organizations, and participating performing and visual artists are rewarded in many ways beyond their income earned from the event. Brand design, digital media, landing pages, and cross promotions are all offered to our Krewe Artists.