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The Spirit Of New Orleans

The new cities we bring the Jazz Crawl to will depend on the support from city officials, artists, sponsors, and educators.
Nominate Your City


Fun Opportunity to Gain Experience!

The Jazz Crawl yields a lot of opportunity with original photos, videos, and stories to play around with. Financial support, software tools, and team accounts put it all to use.

Each internship, project, and contest comes with a set of guidelines and lectures to help the students reach their goals, and various metrics for tracking their success.

The festivities of the Jazz Crawl are a lot of fun to be a part of, and the impact that the NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation has on the kids and creative arts community is something to be proud of.


A Chance to Truly #JoinTheKrewe

There are a lot of opportunities to shoot and edit video to help our cause. The downtown spectacle and the kids’ preparation for the leading the parade are special subjects to document.

One of the supplemental missions of the NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation is to showcase local artists and performers. This requires Word Press profile designs and brand management.

One of the best ways for our organization to grow is to broadcast the stories and missions behind for the NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation through our PR campaigns.


Prize Contests for a Good Cause

Annual commemorative poster contests and other artwork, design, photography, and videography contests are organized to give students an opportunity to work with a fun and unique subject and compete for event features and other prizes.

Students are given an allowance to promote fundraisers with online targeted advertising, or access to social accounts to build and engage with an audience. Performance is measured using analytical metrics and rewarded based on milestones and goals.

An annual goal of the Jazz Crawl is to elect a local celebrity to lead the parade as Grand Marshal. Students are given the challenge to pitch the unique opportunity to these public figures with several rewards such as meeting the prospective Grand Marshal.


Coming Spring 2019

The money raised through our Kickstarter campaign will allow us to bring the Jazz Crawl to more new cities. It will also help us bring youth groups from New Orleans to lead the parade alongside the local kids.

We aren’t just launching the Kickstarter campaign to raise money. We are hoping to find likeminded people with a passion for the city of New Orleans and a willingness to help coordinate the event and youth programs to grow the organization in new cities.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will choose from a variety of rewards such as Krewe apparel, second-line parasols, artwork, and unique experiences. There will also be a series of grand prize giveaways just for signing up to the email list and casting a vote for the Jazz Crawl to come to the city of your choice.

Current Targets