The Jazz Crawl was originally established to honor the memory of Patricia B. Reynolds. Patty was the epitome of a kid at heart and her fun-loving spirit shined brightest each year through her epic ‘Mystic Krewe of Vieux Do’ Mardi Gras parties in Birmingham, AL. She used to say, “If I can’t bring all my friends and family to New Orleans for Mardi Gras then I will bring New Orleans to them.” That is precisely what she did for 8 consecutive years until her unexpected passing in 2012.

After a two-year hiatus her nephew, Rick Tringali, was moved to resurrect the theme and festivities of his Aunt Patty’s beloved celebration in Charleston, SC with a few twists and a charitable donation in her memory.

‘Aunt Party’



The event has evolved a lot since its original inception as the ‘Mardi Gras Pub Crawl for Charity’ in 2015. Instead of a Mardi Gras celebration it has become a platform for sharing the magic of the New Orleans second-line tradition and its power of bringing communities together. The parade has also come a long way since an old-school boombox lead everyone up and down the sidewalk from stop to stop.

A full brass band and professional dancers now lead the way and the second-liners that join in the parade are dancing along on historic King Street instead of the sidewalk.

Event Overview



The growth of the unique celebration and community impact show no signs of slowing down. New plans are underway to sponsor more artist participation and expand the cultural exchange and community impact into new cities through the Jazz Crawl Second-Line Fund. Click to see how you can help!

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