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The Spirit Of New Orleans

The new cities we bring the Jazz Crawl to will depend on the support from city officials, artists, sponsors, and educators.
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Take It To The Streets!

The Jazz Crawl starts with a showcase of local performing and visual arts as well as cultural presentations, activities, and food and drinks. It must be an outdoor space that can accommodate a stage and the Congo Square African drum circle, and within 1 mile of the downtown concert venue where the event ends.

The main attraction of the Jazz Crawl is the traditional New Orleans second-line parade. After the local showcases and cultural presentations, the kids of the NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation lead the downtown parade alongside the pros. The approximately 1 mile parade route is designed to highlight the beauty or iconic landmarks of the host city.

Just as the starting location showcases local artists, the ending location highlights the talents of New Orleans artists. The second-line parade leads everyone to a downtown theater, music venue, museum, or performing arts center to end the festivities with the ‘Spirit of New Orleans’ concert and after-party.


Creative Arts and Cultural Roots

The Jazz Crawl showcases talented local musicians and bands in genres that represent the roots of New Orleans music. Local dancers also share the spotlight to get the crowd moving like the traditional Grand Marshals seen on stage at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Local artwork that captures the landscape, architecture, and culture of the host city are on display and sold to benefit the NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation. Handmade crafts and vibrant fashion accessories are also available to brighten up the Krewe for the second-line parade.

The roots of local creative arts and traditions are presented through a cultural performance, distinguished speaker, and/or a history exhibit to further emphasize the cultural exchange of the Jazz Crawl.


Support The Krewe!

The Jazz Crawl features local restaurants, bakeries, breweries, distilleries, and wineries that donate items that allow us to raise more money at the event. Attendees purchase ‘Lagniappe Tokens’, which are Mardi Gras doubloons that act like fair tickets to enjoy the featured items.

The Jazz Crawl is a spectacle photographed and filmed by hundreds of people. To improve the quality and amount of entertainment we offer participating sponsors the opportunity to stamp their brand on the parade and the performances with custom parasols, feather fans, stage banners, and parade banners.

The most effective way to reach people about the Jazz Crawl is through social media. Social influencers with large followings that share our content and bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and TV stations that run stories are all listed as Krewe Ambassadors of the Jazz Crawl.


NOLA Kid At Heart Foundation

Local band instructors help teach the NOLA Kid At Heart music curriculum through after school programs that equip kids to lead the second-line parade as Jazz Crawlers.

Local dance instructors learn the second-line footwork steps to implement into their dance lesson programming to give kids the opportunity to lead the second-line parade as Baby Steppers.

We are looking to partner with creative arts schools to offer students a fun and rewarding opportunity to gain valuable experience in photography, videography, graphic design, advertising, and social media marketing.


Coming Spring 2019

The money raised through our Kickstarter campaign will allow us to bring the Jazz Crawl to more new cities. It will also help us bring youth groups from New Orleans to lead the parade alongside the local kids.

We aren’t just launching the Kickstarter campaign to raise money. We are hoping to find likeminded people with a passion for the city of New Orleans and a willingness to help coordinate the event and youth programs to grow the organization in new cities.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will choose from a variety of rewards such as Krewe apparel, second-line parasols, artwork, and unique experiences. There will also be a series of grand prize giveaways just for signing up to the email list and casting a vote for the Jazz Crawl to come to the city of your choice.

Current Targets