The Second Line Jazz Crawl for Charity is launching a Kickstarter campaign to expand into new cities.

By popular demand we have decided to start establishing an annual Jazz Crawl in new cities to share the cultural exchange, local showcase, and community impact of the event with more people. We would love for the second line tribute and charitable contributions to reach hundreds of communities all over the country, but we are going to need your help!

Several people have asked if we would consider replicating the Jazz Crawl in their home cities.  

The heart warming response over the last couple of years has given us the confidence to launch a Kickstarter campaign and officially establish the ‘NOLA Kid at Heart Foundation’ to govern the Jazz Crawl and expand the unique celebration and community impact into other cities. If the fundraiser is successful the proceeds will be used to build the legal and organizational foundation necessary to support this sort of growth. 

The Kickstarter campaign will launch along with the ‘Spirit of New Orleans’ promotional tour.

We are partnering with sponsors, club owners, and dancers to cross-promote the Jazz Crawl Kickstarter campaign with touring New Orleans funk and brass bands. The promotional tour will allow us to gauge the interest, capabilities, and support in a number of different target cities. 

We aren’t just launching this campaign to raise money.

We are hoping to find likeminded people with a passion for the city of New Orleans and a willingness to help coordinate events and artists to grow the organization. The festivities, memorial donations, and cultural exchange of the event makes it something rewarding to be a part of. Not only are you throwing an epic party that gives back to the community in memory of loved ones, but you’re given the opportunity to meet great people and work with talented artists and musicians. If our fundraising and traction is successful then we will offer compensation packages and fun incentives for those that want to be involved with our growth. 

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Calling all ambassadors of New Orleans!

If you'd like to help us launch the NOLA Kid at Heart Foundation or volunteer to help expand the Jazz Crawl into other cities then let us know!
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