Bringing the Spirit of New Orleans to a City Near You

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The Second Line Jazz Crawl for Charity is launching a Kickstarter campaign to expand into new cities. By popular demand we have decided to start establishing an annual Jazz Crawl in new cities to share the cultural exchange, local showcase, and community impact of the event with more people. We would love for [...]

Community Impact of the Jazz Crawl for Charity

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A showcase of local creativity, a gift of music to youth groups, and preservation of the traditional New Orleans Second Line.  Each Jazz Crawl positively impacts local communities and the city of New Orleans in many ways. Above all, it is a chance for people to remember and honor the life of [...]

NOLA Kid at Heart: History of the Jazz Crawl for Charity

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A History of the Second Line Jazz Crawl for Charity. I have a confession to make. Until about the 6th grade I used to blatantly lie and tell my teachers and friends that I was born in New Orleans. In my defense, the city had a strong hold of my heart at a [...]

A New Orleans Second Line Tribute

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The Jazz Crawl celebrates the beautiful tradition of the New Orleans Second Line by highlighting its many forms. The main attraction of the Jazz Crawl for Charity is the traditional New Orleans second line parade lead by a brass band and the day’s randomly crowned Royal Court of the Krewe. The moving block [...]